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Hey All,
I'll be uploading new drawings next week once I've got my scanner working :rose: 
In the mean time:
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check it out pretty please :heart:
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One of my new year resolutions was to start creating more art! Which means I will be updating a lot more often with new photos & drawings. 
I'm even doing an art course this year to keep me on track. Honestly I can't wait, this art dry spell has gone on for far too long.
I would do an art feature like I used to in my old journals but  unfortunately I'm too poor to buy a subscription, so if you're looking for some inspiration check out my favourites for some amazing artists :heart:

Oh, Also I have started up an etsy shop selling my hair accessories and jewelery, please check it out I will love you forever!

I love you all and I hope you had a wonderful NYE xox
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Holla comrades,
I'm selling some of my original paintings and drawings to raise money for a new camera.
The list is here… (or just go to the folder in my gallery).
Note me if you're interested, or email me at
I'm happy to discuss prices further, I really appreciate your support! (●♡∀♡)

And now for the beauties.
*** by mfknprincess Crow by NaylaSmith
:thumb306570332: Illustration Friday, 'Hurry!' by pink-porcupine
watson_108 by itsajackal The Sky Grove by nettlebeast
The Whispering Tale by EmilySoto vulture_paint_01 by itsajackal
The Flowers of Evil by RADIVILOVSKAY :thumb302835162:
Within the stars by LadyOrlandoArt Escape by alexowo
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I post drawings and things (◕〝◕)

:thumb301872884: v by space-anney
:thumb302347957: A. II by Amatorka
.rah01.BW. by dasTOK untitled 653 by ErosTurranos
:thumb300162447: :thumb300522685:
:thumb217019158: Charlie Black by theirison

Mature Content

nettie_11 by itsajackal
JOANNA by bloodykirka
your soul is a fire. by CarolineZenker :thumb297366971:
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I've got three shoots lined up over the next few months with three new models, I'm pretty excited to try some new stuff and get back into it again instead of being a lazy fool.
Also I've been working on a few drawing comissions for some clients lately, it's been great completing new diffent pieces.
I'm open for comissions at the moment if anyones interested; email me at and we'll work something out

If you havn't checked out my Tumblr for my drawin's and shiz please do;
and PALEASE give the Facebook page for my photography some love;…

now for the visual goodies :heart:
skull face by graphic-staff BB - Page 57 by WordsAreMyWeakness
Circus (1) by gaelles cricket_22 by itsajackal
The Pilgrims by bitterev
Alice by Phleitodactilo :thumb291835947:
Time is rough by uglybug :thumb290976336:
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I made another tumblr, :blush: But it's purely for my drawings, considering I have a facebook page for my photography, I though there ought to be something devoted to my Illustrations. So if you feel like having a gander, or following me :aww: check it out!
In other news I have finally gotten my first tattoo, that was pretty exciting, it was originally based on one of variations's little drawings, should I post a photo?
Also I've been working on a few comissions lately and I'll hopefully get published in April with one of my pieces as an album cover. I'm really trying to make progress this year, instead of just sleeping, working and smoking aha, time to get off my arse and actually TRY to make an impact :P
I want to thank you all on here for you support, Deviantart with always be my homeboy.

go love these amazing artists, seriously.
a daily routine by andreapun :thumb285898381: rebecca_gatta_paint_01 by itsajackal Spored by stuntkid :thumb285049981: Your star by uglybug Cosmic Girl by gunnmgally A Sleuth of Bears by renton1313 Meat Cake by stuntkid :thumb283843420: :thumb283551562: Ophiela by UnderWaterLover hamster fucker by pantypuke Fish in the feathers by YaraKlaproos
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Dear Journal,
so another year has flown by, I've pretty much wasted it, although I have grown up a lot I suppose.
I haven't completed no way near enough art in this year, goddam I'm lazy. I ought to try harder next year.
I hope you are having a entertaining new year filled with pleasures.

Visual pleasures to feast upon;
:thumb276291003: :thumb276227269: Clot by jeffsimpsonkh
:thumb276633927: Mini moleskine drawing 1 by LadyOrlandoArt life in color by NerySoul

Mature Content

miles high by micmojo
:thumb274418150: :thumb274645025:
pain . by laura-makabresku Ron Swanson by Paul4AllSeasons :thumb273479747:
:thumb273055565: Whe'reabouts ..::color::.. by BenjaminCee Thunder by pixiefangs

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So I turned 19 today, normally I'm really negative on my birthday, I really can't stand being the centre of attention, but this year wasn't so bad maybe I'm finally growing up!
I hope you guys have been liking my new art, I've been really trying to push myself to produce more work before 2011 finishes so I can say I didn't waste the year.
My premium membership ran out today, which is sad, I haven't been a non-premium member for years, I'm going to miss featuring artists and the quick and convenient quirks that come with the membership.
I hope all is well for you my friends :heart:

Many Thanks to :iconmichaeldebevec: for the subscription, I am very grateful :glomp:

Beautiful art that I want to share with you:
Pick me up by paulorocker :thumb269776371: travel penny by mrdynamite into the light. by musicandphotography :thumb269453049: :thumb267468628: Rainbow Halo by bitexxher Gabriel by WordsAreMyWeakness Accusing Owl by LaughterInTheWoods   the witching hour by inessa-emilia ryonen_74 by itsajackal :thumb268578475: :thumb268681773: :thumb268723932:

Mature Content

The people in the attic by Muse1908
.iui. by dasTOK
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Change is a Bitch.

Tue Oct 25, 2011, 7:32 PM
So I managed to get myself through another dark patch, it always seems to happen this time of year.
I've also managed to salvage some of my creativity, which is a relief! I thought I'd lost it for a while there...
I didn't get my tatt in the end, I couldn't bare to have someone else paying for it, so once I save up and finally get it I'll post a picture.
Be prepared for new photos in the next few months, I'm getting myself motivated and planning some shoots.
I also have been getting back into my drawing,  I've got to do something productive to get myself through.
Have you ever had creativity dry patches?

Beautiful Art that I love;

.. by FoxyCherry  :thumb257767943:   collab with maxx by beulahry
You Cant Escape the Multiverse by Rayjmaraca  :thumb243644642:   Sweet Leaf 3 by dim-baida
:thumb263679411:  :thumb184737833:   izi_05 by itsajackal  
:thumb264494604:   Let's ride an alligator by ArminiusWillabert   Red Handkerchief by YellowRose21

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Mon Sep 12, 2011, 7:26 PM
Like my photography page on facebook C:…
Finally branching out from DA...a little.


Fem - Rendyon by iumazark

Mature Content

Tigress by Kittysdead
sipi sipi by kidchan
:thumb257506492: :thumb257847741: apnea_99 by itsajackal
:thumb257955750: Traveling  Apart by gunnmgally :thumb190478822:
:thumb255819090: The day i collected oceans by jonjacobsen grave-ity. by boobookittyfuck

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Mon Sep 5, 2011, 8:08 PM
so I haven't updated my journal in a while... I'm actually getting my first tattoo in just over a week, which I'm pretty excited for.
I've also been trying to filter through my old favorites and keep the ones I love (and get rid of those I don't like so much anymore) from 4 or 5 years ago, it's taking me a while considering I have 18,000 aha.  It's spring here now, I'm so happy we are past the cold and depressing days of winter, bring on the summer fun :)

Fleabites by stuckwithpins Shapeshifter - II by stuckwithpins would you like a cup of tea? by dont-wanna-hear
:thumb203097521: fluegel. by musicandphotography :thumb245240778:

Mature Content

ryonen kiss by itsajackal
.Gemini. by SavannahColleen best friends by moonywolf
Never Forget You by andrahilde Alice and the White Rabbit by RoxaneLys   Dragon Tiger Beauty by Almigh-T

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Mon May 16, 2011, 8:32 PM
hey sweeties. Yeah so I haven't been overly active on here recently, but I am planning on uploading at least two new paintings soon.  Since leaving school I've been a little less motivated to paint or photograph, but then again I have made a bit of money off commissions, so it's not all bad.
I'm getting my first tattoo in a few weeks, on my upper left arm/shoulder, much the same as this design; Never Again - X-Files Tribute by unessential
I'm planning a new shoot also for next month, that will be something a little different for me.
love you all.


Wed Feb 2, 2011, 7:41 AM
After a longer break than needed from my creative side, I finally have lined up some new photo-shoots, I'm looking forwards to the comfortable feeling of my camera back in my hands. I have been painting quite a lot, alas I am yet to finish a painting before I start another, I will attempt one afternoon to complete my unfinished works and then eventually upload them here. I have had some dark days recently but I'm beginning to get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel, and with that I hope to repossess my creative streak. So here I am, at 2:36 in the morning typing away when I ought to be deep within a dream by now, I will bid you goodbye and I wish you good luck.

ryonen_25 by itsajackal

Mature Content

Volatile Pleasures by hakanphotography

Mature Content

Astrology Seduction by Aisii
:thumb194715394: skye_09 by itsajackal Cybele by seainside I need fresh blood_II by Basistka :thumb193667084:


Sun Jan 2, 2011, 4:33 AM
So this is the new year.
And I don't feel any different.
The clanking of crystal
Explosions off in the distance

Death Cab for Cutie | The New Year

It's the beginning of something new, a new start;  the chance to reinvent myself. No more will I drown in the endless crushing days stuck in school. This year is a new beginning, a new start. I feel good, I fulfilled my two New Years resolutions of 2010; loose 10kg and pass school, now I have another year for some more self-improvement. I feel like I'm coming out of my shell more and more each day, it's refreshing to wake up content. Hopefully this euphoria will last.

two dames. by boobookittyfuck yerevan nights by betsyamparan Deflowering Of The Bride by hakanphotography ryonen_10 by itsajackal ryonen_13 by itsajackal :thumb191376563: :thumb191592219: :thumb190473799: carefully by space-anney

Mature Content

Fragile Intensity 3 by hakanphotography
Don't trust a cat with a mask by LadyOrlandoArt


Sun Nov 21, 2010, 3:25 AM
I'm eighteen today, I don't like birthdays much but I guess it was okay.
I'm a bit sick of the complications of life at the moment, I guess I just don't like growing up much. I have finished school but I will still try to do art as much as before even if I'm not doing it for marks any more, maybe I should start doing more drawings and sell them? I dunno, lets just go with the flow.

:thumb186782837: stipes and a triangle. by boobookittyfuck Sky - journal by LadyOrlandoArt self-portrait. by boobookittyfuck mi corazon by bailey--elizabeth lucy_08 by itsajackal :thumb186091890: Haulin Ass by paulorocker Yulia D. II by micheleyong :thumb185357656:

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Wed Sep 29, 2010, 5:35 AM
Lately life has been moving very fast for me, school ends in a couple of months and I'm staring to feel like I really have to get my shit together, with what I'm doing and what direction I want my life to move in. Read/See more at My Blog
Lobo Totem by LadyOrlandoArt :thumb180824117: :thumb180834190: I'm Not Your Bitch by sexties :thumb180868037: In the grass by prunku Bedroom Eyes by KelseyBeckett :thumb180874224:

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Sun Sep 5, 2010, 8:44 PM
I'm on holidays for two weeks, I'm going to be taking lots of photos and start painting with acrylics again. I only have about three months of school left, ever. I'm excited to becoming my own person but I'm also scared for the responsibility's. I want to grow with my artistic skill and creativity, I want to create more thought provoking pieces, rather than just recreating beauty like every other tom, dick and harry. I want to develop my own style. Hopefully I can work out who I am for long enough to do this. Shit can tend to get confusing. I turn 18 in a couple months also, I feel older than this, I also feel younger. I'm in a strange place at the moment, I'm not sure who or what I am, it would nice to have some stability, if just for a couple of hours. Oh well, we all die in the end.
Errors. Continuation by bitterev Shave.Shave.and.Shave. by La-lelulelo the mash and the fury by ultramaryna
:thumb177663486: 5d by kosmodisk
Nat II by Amatorka

Mature Content

nicole_10 by itsajackal
morgen. by musicandphotography
contre le vent by quadratiges apache girl by math-r minnie's ears by bigcitydreams

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Wed Sep 1, 2010, 5:26 AM
everything is just fucked up.
I'm just saying.

Brainwash by eel-hips :thumb177536307: :thumb177557290:

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Fri Aug 20, 2010, 11:17 AM
Did you know: I have a regularly updated blog-spot? now

:thumb176111313: :thumb176090820: :thumb176078241:

Mature Content

Paci hehe... by polish-girl
Panel by Mefitica lemonade by ultramaryna
:thumb175912023: :thumb175860291: WatchingALLthis by StefanThompson

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Fri Aug 13, 2010, 1:11 AM
All I am losing is me.
I'll See You In My Dreams by pinkasapeach Lost in translation of love by fogke
Flame In Your Heart 4 by hakanphotography Paseo Nocturno by LadyOrlandoArt
hard-hearted. by AshleyMae she loves by Skasia
:thumb174802694: lucy_06 by itsajackal
Rooftop by CameraDude :thumb174227043:

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